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What is Credit Counselling?

People know that they have “credit” and that credit in today’s world is important. However many people don’t know exactly what Credit Counselling is. The answer is quite simple: it is a program that will provide you with freedom from debt. It is working with a licensed Credit Counsellor to gain control of your finances. Working your way out of debt with specific payment plans and a program in place that will work for you and your family. A Canadian owned and operated credit counselling company – @ease Credit Counselling – will be able to help you get out of debt quickly and comfortably.

After reading this brief introduction to Credit Counselling, you may be wondering if Credit Counselling is for you. Will it benefit your current financial situation? You may be in a position to speak with a Credit Counsellor if :

  • You are receiving any types of calls from creditors
  • You are receiving any type of demand letters in the mail
  • Your employer is receiving phone calls on your behalf
  • You are in debate of which expenses to pay and which ones can wait

Below are some areas that Credit Counselling looks after for you, on your behalf.

  1. Offer confidential and professional Credit Counselling services
  2. Provide debt consolidation, repayment and settlement programs
  3. Make money and credit management education available to you
  4. Offer real-life budgeting assistance
  5. Replace multiple monthly payments with a single, lower monthly payment
  6. Allow you to regain control of your finances
  7. Stop demand letter and collection calls from you creditors
  8. Allow you to take back control of your life

Credit Counselling can be the best financial decision you’ll ever make. If you’re still unclear about what Credit Counselling is call 1-877-844-3273 and let @Ease Credit Counselling help!




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