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Top 10 DIY Christmas Gifts That Are Sure to Impress! | @Ease

Avoid stress with these easy DIY Christmas gifts!

The holiday season brings snow, gloves, warm cocoa, fuzzy slippers, Christmas cheer, DIY Christmas gifts and of course, Santa! All things most of us look forward to.

BUT, it also typically brings unwanted stress when trying to figure out how you’re going to afford gifts for your family and friends. While everyone knows that the holidays are for spending time with family and being thankful for each one of them, the exchange of gifts has always been a coveted tradition.

Spread your holiday cheer with these sweet and simple handmade gifts. You’ll be surprised how much you can make with so little!

  1. Personalized Photo Coasters
    coaster diy christmas gifts The options are endless with this DIY project! See directions on how to make them here.
  2. All- Natural Handmade Soap
    soap diy christmas gifts See how to acquire the power to make friends and family smell however you’d like here.
  3. Bird Nest Necklaces
    necklace diy christmas gifts There are so many different handmade jewelry ideas, but this one is my favorite and so easy! See how to make these here.
  4. Jar Cookies
    cookies diy christmas gifts Baking is always an excellent gift, but I always worry that by the time they get them for Christmas they’ll be hard and stale. Worry no longer! These cookies in a jar are such a great gift! Just add milk/eggs! You can mix it up with some homemade bread recipes or even a great soup mix!
  5. Sharpie/ Mugs
    mugs diy christmas gifts These mugs are so cute and thoughtful. You can personalize the mugs however you’d like which makes the possibilities endless! Pair it with a package of hot chocolate mix to complete the ensemble. For a brief tutorial on how to make these, click here.
  6. Handwarmers
    hand warmer diy christmas gifts I live with these in my pockets during the winter. Again, so easily personalized depending on the fabric that you choose! See how to make these great hand warmers here.
  7. Gingerbread Syrup Scrub
    scrub diy christmas gifts There are so many different combinations you can use to make sugar scrubs, but Gingerbread seems the most fitting for the holiday season. The scrubs are all-natural and use ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! For directions on how to mix this up, click here.
  8. Christmas Ornaments
    lights diy christmas gift ornaments There are too many great homemade ornaments to choose from, so I’ve included my favourite. They are so easy and can be made with materials found at your local dollar store or maybe already in your home! Get the tutorial for the sparkling light bulbs here.
  9. Scrabble Name Frame
    scrabble diy christmas gifts This DIY piece has taken the world by storm! That’s because it’s such a nice gift for the whole family. For directions on how to make this great piece of art, click here.
  10. Potted Plant

plant diy christmas giftsThere is something very fulfilling about receiving a plant for Christmas. It’s a super easy, inexpensive gift that the recipients will appreciate for a long time. Making this is self-explanatory, but they have free printables to spice up the package and some great tips when you’re potting here.


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