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The Risk of One Income

We all know the struggle of trying to survive in 2017 comes with taking great risk. You want to get that new car you always dreamed of, the new house that you are dying to say is yours and also start a family. The reality of all of this is not as beautiful as the picture. For most young people they have not landed their dream job with the dream salary they have been wishing for. They are struggling to get by and the thought of losing their job is a scary reality they do not want to face.

With the way the economy is today and the way the cost of things is on the rise it is important to make sure you have an additional income to fall back on. You do not want to risk having financial hardship. We all know everything goes up but our wage; that is why considering running a home business may be beneficial and worth the risk. You can get a second job but running your own home business can give you the satisfaction you have been craving. In home business are becoming more popular because it gives you the chance to run your own business on your time and you have complete control over how much you can make. Home businesses are giving people the opportunity to have the work life balance they always dreamed off. For most home businesses you can work from anywhere giving you the freedom to enjoy life.


The problem with home businesses is finding the right one to fit your needs and your life style. You want to make sure you are taking a chance on the right business and make sure you feel the business is worth the risk. Check out some well-known companies we have listed below.


Avon is a well-known company throughout Canada. It is a company that has a small risk factor. For most people they will remember using the bubble bath growing up. It is an easy company to join to become a representative. The startup fee is $10.00 and you can sign up online! Avon provides the tools you need to help you build your business at no extra cost. With the start-up fee so low this may be a great company to take the risk on and start your own home business.

It Works!

It Works! is another company that is becoming known throughout Canada. This company may come with a bit of risk as there are multiple people within your community who are already selling this product. That is not to say that you would not be successful but the competition is most likely out there.  The startup fee is quite pricey at $99.00 usd to start! That is a bit of money but many people have seen great success from selling their products. Their starting fee comes with a starter kit that has 4 wraps and each wrap can be sold for $25.00 Р$30.00. Sell the 4 wraps and make your money back! They also provide tools and resources to help you build your business at an additional cost monthly.


SeneGence is a new and upcoming company in Canada. With a low risk factor this may be a great home business to test out. They sell quality beauty products and the startup fee is $55.00 usd. You will have to purchase your starter kit at an additional cost. The $55.00 usd start-up fee is also an annual fee. The risk of having too many people selling within your area may not be as high as some other home businesses.

Above are just a few of the many home businesses you could have a chance of running. With any business their also comes a tax deduction along with risk! Make sure that if you are starting to run an in home business that you truly understand what you are doing and are committed to making it work although you are taking a risk. It is also important to understand what you can claim when filing your taxes and what you cannot!



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