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Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget | @Ease


Plan your dream wedding while budgeting

Plan Your Dream Wedding While Budgeting

Your ready to plan your dream wedding. It’s your special day and you want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, there is a good chance your Pinterest wedding isn’t going to work with your budget. Don’t panic! If you follow a few of these steps and cut back on some extravagant luxuries, you can still plan your dream wedding while budgeting you’ve been pinning about!

Avoid Inflating Guest Lists
Making a guest list can get messy, especially if you have both sets of parents chiming in to ensure you’re inviting their second cousin once removed because they would DIE if they weren’t invited. Create a list of people you couldn’t imagine getting married without and work from that. If you’re tempted to add more people later, go back to this list as a reality check and remember that they weren’t on your dream list. If they weren’t there before, are they really that critical now?

Your Friends the Connoisseurs
If you have some family or friends that are musically or photographically inclined, ask them if they’d like to lend their talents in lieu of a gift on your special day. Using those that are close to you to fill these otherwise pricey positions is a great way to stay in your wedding budget.

Keep it Homey
Venues are the most expensive parts of a wedding. Having your ceremony at your home or family member’s house can eliminate a huge cost. You can still have your perfect picturesque wedding in a spacious backyard or that park you and your fiancé frequent. Keeping in mind the weather may have plans other than a lovely sunny day, renting a nice event tent is a great back-up plan to keep you and your guests happy and dry.

Food for Thought
Planning what to feed your wedding guests is easy, but figuring out where to get it from is another story. Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant. A family-owned restaurant is more likely to keep the price relatively inexpensive. If you’re set on having food from a specific place, avoid using the word ‘wedding’ when inquiring about pricing. Once they know they’re catering for your wedding, there can be additional fees. A potluck-style feast can work as well and you know there’ll be something for everyone!

Smell the Flowers – or Don’t
Wedding flowers can cost thousands of dollars, but if you keep the floral decorations minimal you can cut your bill in half. Another thing to keep in mind is the season – choosing flowers that are in bloom at that time of year will shave some of the cost. There are also some stores that will make you beautiful silk bouquets and arrangements for next to nothing! If all you want is the look of flowers, consider fake flowers to give the same effect and keep the bees away!

Handmade Invitations
Another reason why its good to not bloat your guest list. Having intricate store-bought invitations is nice, but printing off a template or creating them yourself makes them so unique. This way you can do WHATEVER you want with them – the limit is your imagination (or your Pinterest board) – without spending so much money. This can be a fun project to do with your bridesmaids and family!

The Dress
Even if your heart is set on the picture-perfect dress you’ve been dreaming about your entire life, plan to make a side stop before heading to your local bridal shop. Lots of bridal stores have frequent trunk sales at the end of every season – they sell last season’s dresses at incredibly discounted prices. They may be last season, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Making a plan to save money on your dress will give you wiggle room if needed while planning your wedding.

Is it in the Details?
The rise of Pinterest has made it so easy to plan every single detail that you want to have for your wedding – embroidered napkins, over the top centerpieces, custom signs for EVERYTHING, tiny personalized wedding favors – but nipping some of these in the butt is important to stay within your wedding budget. More likely than not, your guests don’t really want your favors. They want to see you enjoy your special day, dance their feet off and enjoy the free food. If the wedding favors aren’t there, no one will be heartbroken. As for the little details you’re dying to put on your napkins and centerpieces – is it worth it? Do you really want to keep fifty napkins with your name on it after your big day? Cutting back on personalizing EVERY detail of your wedding is a huge money saver, and your day will still be magical!



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