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Three Personal Budget Templates You Can Actually Use!

With so many different budget styles and techniques, it can be difficult to know how exactly to budget, and which tools will help. Each individual and family has different budget goals, which is why we have offered here, three budget templates that are easy to use and more importantly, easy to understand. Read below to see which free budget template will work best for you!


  1. Personal Monthly Budget

This simple, easy to use template will allow you to enter in exactly what you are spending for a whole calendar month. Monthly budgeting might be the way to go, so long as you know on-average what you spend in each appointed category, this type of budgeting will work for you. This particular spreadsheet automatically adds up and compares the total amount spent with the amount budgeted.  Clink the link below to start using this personal budget template today!

  1. Track Daily Spending

With this next template, you have the ability to track your expense by the day. It’s a much more elaborate method to record and budget your finances. I would recommend using this personal budget template if you are looking to see exactly where your money is going, each and every day. This is also a great way to really get a handle on your finances and cut unnecessary spending. Clink the link below if this sounds like the template that would work for you!


  1. Zero Based Budgeting Vs. Monthly Budgeting

The concept of the zero-based-budget is that each month you start out with a budget of $0. As you spend, the budget grows to accommodate your level of spending. Zero based budgeting is really more helpful for budgeting on a larger scale, such as for your home based business. Don’t be intimidated by how complicated this template looks, it really is very simple.  Here is a link to open the Excel version of a zero based budget template.



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