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Our Services

Here’s What We Do: 

  • Offer confidential and professional credit counselling services
  • Provide debt consolidation, repayment and settlement programs
  • Make money and credit management education available to you
  • Offer real-life budgeting assistance

This is What Our Program Will Do For You: 

  • Replace multiple monthly payments with a single, lower monthly payment
  • Allow you to regain control of your finances
  • Stop demand letters and collection calls from your creditors
  • Allow you to take back control of your life

Are you still wondering if Credit Counselling is right for you? Take just a moment to answer the questions below to see!

Money Management Quiz: Do You Need Our Help? 

  1. Are you receiving letters or phone calls from your creditors?
  2. Do you take cash advances on one credit card to pay another?
  3. Are you only making minimum payments on your credit cards?
  4. Are you thinking about borrowing money to consolidate your debts?
  5. Do you have trouble preparing and sticking to a budget?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to contact us today!

Just fill out the information box to the right, or email us at:

1-877-844-EASE (3273)


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