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Spending: How to Enjoy Life, Debt Free

Spending is something that we all do on a daily basis. You’ve worked out your monthly spending budget; you’ve scrimped, you’ve cut back, and now you’re feeling like all your money is just going to paying bills and surviving.  There’s more to life than that. We’ll show you five easy ways to reduce spending, while still enjoying life.

  1. Cut the Cable

The average cable bill in any household is $100-$182. If you think about paying that monthly, that’s an average spending of $1200-$2184.00 a year. How many of your subscribed channels are you actually watching? It may be an expense that you can do without. Instead, consider getting Netflix as an alternative to your cable provider. At only spending $10.00 a month, there are literally thousands of T.V shows and movies to choose from. Not to mention a significant amount of savings; you’d be looking at $120.00 a year instead of at minimum $1200.00.


  1. Can you hear me now?

In the day and age of cellular phones, why are many Canadians still paying for a home phone? You may be thinking that you’re saving money because you have a terrific bundle deal on home phone, internet and cable. However, chances are that terrific deal is only temporary. Most companies will offer an introductory rate for new customers that will be good for a short while, before you’re back to paying the regular rate for all three products. It generally still works out to be cheaper in the long run to only pay for the products you are using, like your internet. Even if you choose to cut your home phone service, you can bundle your cable and internet and you will still end up spending less then bundling all three. Make sure you don’t let your service provider tell you what you need they are not in control of your spending. Remember that they want your business; use that to your advantage when negotiating your services.


  1. Home Computer VS. Tablet

If you’re looking to buy a home computer, consider a tablet instead. Not only will it take up less space in your home, but you can save some serious coin as well. Maybe you don’t like the idea of using the touch screen; maybe you need a key board.  For just $20-$50 on amazon you can buy a key board made for your iPad or whatever version of a tablet you happen to purchase.


  1. Get Creative

Use the products and services that you already have at your fingertips to do multiple things. For example, instead of spending money on music on iTunes or Apple Music, use YouTube as your music source. There’s almost no end to the amount of music you can find on YouTube. Also, use the internet instead of spending money for magazines and newspapers; there are dozens of poplar gossip websites and news website app’s to get gossip from, and you’re already spending money for the internet, so use it for its intended purpose!


  1. Stay In

The next time your friends suggest going out for dinner, offer to host instead. Ask everyone to bring a dish and a drink. Dust off the board games and have a game night. Not only will you save money, but I guarantee you’ll make more memories than you would inside a loud, crowded restaurant.  Consider making it a monthly event where everyone can take a turn hosting.


There you have it, five simple ways to save a little money, while still living life on your terms. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to really enjoy the small things!



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