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Getting Organized!

Many Canadians forget about GETTING ORGANIZED. Staying organized with important life documents can save you from a lot of headache when you need them. Disasters can happen at any time and you never know when there may be a type of family emergency. Natural disasters are not avoidable but we can do the best we can to make sure everything that is important to us is safe and secure in the unlikely event.

We’ve gathered some great recommendations for you and your family to stay organized in case of an emergency:

Use a Safety Deposit Box;

A safety deposit box is a great way for you to keep important documents safe and organized in case of a disaster or burglary. There is the option of purchasing your own safety deposit box or you can rent one annually from banks. Typically when you purchase your own safety deposit box they are fire proof but may not be water proof. In the event of a flood or your house becoming waterlogged your documents may get damaged. Safety deposit boxes are a great way to stay organized and keep your information safe and secure. If you rent a safety deposit box from a bank you will want to look into personal insurance to cover the items in your safety deposit box. Some great things to keep organized in your safety deposit box are:

  • Birth, Adoption, Marriage, and Death Certificates
  • Automobile Titles & House Deeds
  • A video inventory of your household items
  • Passports
  • Copy of your will and testament
  • Military Record

Keep a Binder of Items;

Keeping an organized binder full of all your important documents in one safe place can save you from trying to gather all of them when an emergency hits. Keep it all organized in a binder where important family members know where to access it.

Give a Copy to a Trusted Friend/ Family;

You may also consider coping all of your important documents and leaving then copies with a trusted friend or family member. In the chance of an event at least you know you have copies of all your important documents safe and secure. Having copies of all of your important documents will help to speed up the process of replacing them when needed.

Lastly, when considering where and how to store many of these important documents to stay organized, there are a few things you should consider in addition to simply organizing these documents:

  • Valuable or really hard to replace items should be stored in a safe place such as in a deposit box at a financial institution
  • A layer, executors, relative or friend who might assist in the case of an emergency; should have easy access to documents that may be needed.
  • A system of keeping track of important papers will save hours of searching and allow you to cope more effectively in emergency situations.
  • You should set aside one day each year to update all significant changes, such as if you get married and change your last name.


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