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Dining on a Dime: The Foodies Guide to Debt-Free Living

Dining on a dime: Who doesn’t love a nice dinner out in a beautiful restaurant with a glass of wine, and fine company? I’m sure it’s easy to say that most of us do! We believe that fine dining on a dime is quite possible. We’ll list here five tips and tricks to treat yourself, and your loved ones to a meal out, without breaking the bank!


  1. Use Coupons and Take Advantage of Special Offers.

When your mail comes, make it a point to take the opportunity to check through the advertisements for special dining offers from local restaurants. While it’s easy to toss these advertisements in with your “junk mail”, it may be worth your while, and save you a pretty penny. What we’ve noticed is that many fast food restaurants have “two can dine” deals and many others have take-out specials. For instance, many times the family favourite restaurant chain White Spot has a special 15% OFF your entire meal if you order online and take it to go. Now that’s a great offer for dining out!


  1. Skip the Alcohol.

Liquor, especially at restaurant prices, has the ability to double your bill while dining rather quickly if you’re not careful. So skip the booze, and drink the free water instead. If you’re dining at a restaurant that serves spirits, you may be able to get free water.


  1. Ask about Specials.

Quite often, restaurants will offer daily dining specials.  This is typically a meal on the menu that is a staple, so customers will order it again when they come back. With this opportunity, you might end up finding a new favorite dish, and at a bargain!


  1. Find Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free.

The beauty of doing your research is knowing that there are a few restaurants that offer free meals to children under the age of twelve. This is one great deal! We suggest taking advantage of these types of offers, if you can. A few places that offer free meals to children include Denny’s, Pizza Hut, and Montana’s. Just remember, the only stipulations is that there must be a one paying adult in the group. Now this is what we call Dining on a Dime!


  1. Split a Meal.

There is nothing more romantic than spending time, and sharing good food with the one you love. With this in mind, the next time you’re out dining, order one entrée for the two of you to share. Most restaurant portions are massive and most people end up taking leftovers home, which may or may not actually get eaten. This tip is easy on the wallet and the waist line.


Enjoying food and eating out doesn’t have to be hard on your budget! When you make smart choices, try any of these five tips and you’ll be on your way to debt-free living in no time!



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