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Can Credit Counselling Help You? | @Ease

can credit counselling help you?

Can Credit Counselling Help You?

As most of us know, being in debt is hard, but not being able to talk about it – or FIX it- is even harder! Have you ever considered can credit counselling help you?

Please know that you are not alone. Canadians of all ages are grappling to overcome debt of all kinds: credit card payments, cell phone bills, household utility expenses and so much more. Three-quarters of Canadians average $21,348 in unsecured debt and has some wondering can credit counselling help you.

Living as we are in this increasingly unstable economy, overspending and not saving enough has become the standard for a lot of Canadian families and many are wondering can credit counselling help you and have been reaching out to credit counselling companies to help them start their debt free journeys – which is a great way to get back on track!

Have you ever thought about reaching out to a credit counsellor, but you wondered can credit counselling help you? If any of the following apply to you when reading below, a credit counsellor can help you.

Receiving non-stop calls or letters from debt collectors. Can credit counselling help you? Collectors have a right to call you to collect on their debts. While you can make as many complaints as you’d like, if you’re in debt and haven’t been making your payments, they’re going to continue calling you. Can credit counselling help you? More consumers have been dealing with collection agencies in the wake of the recession and have found that credit counselling is the best line of defence. You can work with your counsellor who can put together a plan to tackle your debt and negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

Spending more than your income. Can credit counselling help you? This means that every cent you earn is spoken for, and then some. You’re using credit to pay for most of your day to day purchases or even using credit to pay for credit. Some people may do this because they like to spend money – getting that new Gucci purse is more important than groceries – but consider speaking with a credit counsellor if credit is the only way you can pay your bills. This is a good time to ask yourself if credit counselling can help you.

You’ve lost track of your total debt. Can credit counselling help you? Debt is scary, I think everyone can agree with that. The moment you lose track of how much money you owe and who you owe it to can open the doors to even worse spending habits. Being fully aware of your financial situation can work as a serious reality check. While it may seem like an impossible obstacle you need to overcome, you can also rest easy knowing that there is a credit counselling company ready and waiting to help you on your way to financial freedom.

Using multiple cash advances or payday loans. Can credit counselling help you? Cash advances and payday loans can help in a financial emergency but are a short-term solution. When you start to use multiple companies to pay off other companies or are finding that taking out these cash advances are the only way you’re able to pay for necessities, this can indicate that you’ve created a lifestyle that is beyond what your income can support. Can credit counselling help you? Yes, if you are a repeat user of multiple payday loans, you may want to consult a credit counsellor.

Have no budget or savings in place. Can credit counselling help you? You may not realize how much you spend per month until it’s laid out in front of you. Do I really eat out THAT much? Did I spend THAT much on coffee? Maybe your obsession with Starbucks has no limits, but instead of going there every morning to get your dose of caffeine, buy a pound of their magic coffee and make it at home yourself!  Can credit counselling help you? Budgeting your money takes commitment – but along with finding a solution to your debt, credit counsellors can help you make an affordable monthly budget to help reform bad spending habits.

After reading this, if you recognize that some of these apply to you, seek out a credit counsellor to avoid getting deeper into debt. A company such as @ease Credit Management Solutions ( will be able to advocate for you on your behalf to your creditors and make sure that you get out of debt as quickly and comfortably as possible. That’s not it – @ease will also make sure you become educated on the best ways to spend the money you earn afterwards, to ensure you stay debt free.


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