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Tips on Raising your Baby on a Budget | @Ease

babies with budgets

Babies with budgets | Raising your baby on a budget

Expanding your family is exciting; it can also be stressful and nerve racking. You may be already struggling financially, and adding another mouth to feed and bottom to dress (and diapers!) only serves to add to what could already be a mountain of bills and debt. Having babies with budgets can be hard but there are ways you can do it!

We’ve listed below five wallet friendly tips on how to have babies with budgets, while still taking great care of yourself and your growing loved ones!

  1. Prepare and Plan Ahead

You have, on average, nine months to prepare your family financially for your little one’s arrival. In this time, preparing your family and your home would include buying a crib, a car seat and a stroller. Although these items are necessary, they can be put off until closer to the arrival of your child. Instead, stock up on things such as diapers and baby wipes which you know you will need right off the get-go. Costco is an amazing resource for having babies with budgets when it comes to buying necessities you will go through the most. Diapers can be expensive, so buying them ahead of time is never a bad idea for your babies with budgets. In fact, you can buy a box of 192 diapers from Costco for just $37.99. The weight goes up 14 pounds, so there no risk of buying the wrong size. The same concept goes for baby wipes, as a box of 900 wipes is only $25.99. This means that if you just buy one box of diapers on one payday, and a box of wipes on another, you will hardly notice this adjustment in your monthly budget! This also means that those first few precious weeks your baby is at home can be spent adoring your sweet little one, rather than out at the grocery store stocking up on necessities.


  1. DIY Baby Products

When it comes to baby items such as baby powder and lotions for your babies with budgets, there are simple homemade solutions that can save you money, and save your little one from chemical reactions. Cornstarch is great for preventing and treating diaper rashes. (You can buy Cornstarch in bulk at Costco). The website: is a favorite of mine for homemade baby products for babies with budgets.  If you’re not interested in making products on your own, buying All-In-One baby shampoos and washes are another great solution for babies with budgets. You don’t need separate soap for hair and skin, and shampoo typically creates the same bubbles in the bath as actual bubble bath, so save your money there as well!


  1. Showered with Love

Most people have a baby shower before their little one arrives, which is a great idea because it is the perfect way to receive items from your friends and family for your baby that you might not buy yourself.  It also gives you the opportunity to suggest gifts, or even register for things that you or your baby needs. This would be a good time to register for a few bigger ticket items like your stroller or car seat. If you have your shower about six months into your pregnancy, you’ll have a better idea of what will be leftover for you to purchase for yourself. A baby shower is a great way for you to have babies with budgets.


  1. Want or Need?

It can be easy to go a little over-board when buying things for your little darling, especially if it’s your first child. Try to keep your shopping lists realistic. It can be tempting to buy all of the little popular gadgets and gimmicks, under the impression that they will somehow make your life easier, but the reality is, they just take up space and can be a waste of money. You don’t need a baby bath – just use the sink until your baby is big enough to have a bath in the tub. You don’t need a bassinet and a crib, you can co-sleep or have baby sleeping in the crib from day one. The same goes for a bottle warmer – just warm your bottles on the stove in a pot or use an electric kettle.


  1. Thrifty Toddler

Second hand stores are a great place to purchase items like clothing and receiving blankets for your precious newborn. You will need a lot of receiving blankets for swaddling and burping your baby, so why not buy them at a bargain? When it comes to these magical multi-use blankets, buy as many as you can. Generally speaking, you’re not going to have the time to wash the same five blankets every day, so new moms recommend buying up to fifty used receiving blankets. This may seem like a lot, but when you go through as many as 10 a day, they add up. In addition to second hand stores, another recommendation is to look for Mom Swap pages on Facebook. You can usually buy ‘used clothing lots’ for a steal. Facebook is also a great place to look for a crib, stroller and highchair, as well!


Through all of the planning, creating the to-do lists, and purchasing the items that you need, you’ll soon find out that bringing a life into the world is such an incredible journey. Be prepared with a financial plan so to not let debt and stress dampen your experience. We wish you all the joy in the first year of your journey!



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