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8 of the Most Affordable Places to Travel on a Budget | @Ease

Affordable Places

Once you have the travel bug, it’s hard to get out of your system and harder to keep up with financially. While flights for most of these places are still quite expensive – depending on deals and packages – the prices once you are in the country is what you will be saving on and that’s what helps to make them affordable places. It’s always smart to sign yourself up for something like Airfare Watchdog to get alerts to your email when flights are cheap, even to provide some tips on how to travel on a budget and where the affordable places to travel are! If you’re ready to experience rich culture and diverse cuisine without emptying your wallet, these 8 affordable places are for you!


The best time to visit Thailand, both for your wallet and the weather, is from November to February. While ticket prices in November and December are usually increased due to Christmas travelers, January provides the lowest prices of the year helping to make Thailand one of the affordable places to visit. There is a reason that it’s an increasingly popular travel destination – it has iconic islands, a rich culture, tantalizing cuisine – you can find local meals for just $2 – and unlimited adventures which makes it one of the top affordable places to visit.


Considering the number of ancient sites in Egypt, you would expect a trip there to cost you an arm and a leg, which isn’t the case. You can find flights from Vancouver for under $1000 round trip, which – when considering the price of flights within the country – is pretty decent making it one of the affordable places to travel. Combined with camel rides, inexpensive but excellent food prices and convenient budget accommodation – find rooms for just $6 a night – Egypt makes for an excellent getaway and one of the affordable places to visit.

South Africa

Thriving with wildlife; rich with diverse terrain, your adventures in South Africa will have endless possibilities. South Africa is one of the affordable places to travel. June to August is the best time to visit this country for optimal wildlife watching and safari trips. Prices often reflect the summer holiday high times, but they are generally low with discounts and packages offered. In conjunction with the relatively inexpensive accommodations, the overall experience is well worth the trip and makes it one of the affordable places to travel.


Where once travelers feared to venture, Cambodia is now a large part of the Southeast Asia affordable places travel scene. Taking a tour of the city is an amazing journey through history. Visit the Angkor ruins in Siem Reap or the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh to walk where the kings have walked. A flight to Cambodia is nearly the same price as a flight from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s, NL but with an added cultural experience. Find rooms for just $12 a night in this historical city. At $12 a night this helps to make it one of the affordable places to visit.


Famous for its beaches and turquoise waters, Mexico makes for an excellent way to enjoy a sunny vacation on a budget.Mexico being one of the most affordable places to travel rife with resorts, it is extremely convenient to find an all-inclusive deal that will save you A LOT of money on food (tacos) and drinks (tequila) in the long run. You can either stay in the resort and enjoy its amenities or venture out into town or the jungle for an additional experience. Plus, if you want to shop around, the prices are never what they appear – you can always bargain with a shopkeeper to ensure you get the best price which helps to make this one of the affordable places to travel to!


Part of both Europe and Asia, Turkey is an ideal place to go to experience a great mixture of rich culture. Rick culture helps to make Turkey one of the affordable places to visit.  Providing both excellent beaches and local cuisine, Turkey is full of historical landmarks that are sure to inspire. Explore a labyrinth of colour in the Grand Bazaar, marvel at the intricate mosaics coating walls of the Hagia Sophia or enter the Blue Mosque to immerse yourself in the experience. Find rooms starting at $10 per night! This is one of the affordable places you do not want to miss out on!


Popular with many backpackers and travelers on a budget, it’s possible to explore this colourful country and live like a Raj. In particular, the island of Goa is a hotspot and is one of the affordable places to visit. Get lost in its beaches, Portuguese architecture, forts, local markets, and the quaint village. You can even rent your own vehicle/motorbike and explore the area on your own. All-you-can-eat thalis (plate meals) starting at $3! With all- you-can-eat prices like that makes this one of the affordable places to travel.

Affordable places

Indonesia is a fairly large country that is made up of a massive archipelago of over 17,000 islands. Each island offers an incredibly unique experience, natural environment and a diversity of cultures, traditions, and ethnic groups. In a country where you can both relax on the beach, see orangutans in the wild, climb volcanoes and visit ancient historical sites, the cost for traveling around these islands is well worth the experience. That is why it made it on our list of affordable places to travel.

In combination with the money you’ll be saving in the country, it’s always smart to keep an eye on flight prices and travel smart. Find a blog in your area like YVR Deals to keep an eye on cheap flight prices and provide tips on how to maximize your savings on vacation. Live as the locals do, which is the best way to experience the culture, and you won’t have to stress about expenses and instead can focus on the beautiful country around you and travel more affordable places.








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